How to turn on the air conditioner, not expensive electricity

In most summer, the air conditioner will work very hard. To create a coolness against the heat outside of a horrible room, a compressor that is no bigger than a ball Will be the main driver for carrying the said load on the entire room Or the office where we sit and work for dozens of lives We come to learn how to make The room is cool, but the electricity bill is not expensive.

1. Most of the heat from the roof To find insulation to put on the ceiling Will reduce the heat transmitted from above and reduce the overwork of the air a lot

2. Walls that receive heat from direct sunlight Makes the air conditioner work very hard Should plant trees or Cover the sun to prevent the wall from direct sunlight. Such as lathing And the heat reflecting paint also helps a lot.

3. Reduce the room size, the room is very wide or tall Will make the air to cool slowly and more difficult Therefore should reduce the space that really wants to cool or that we are sitting all day Which may prevent the room to be smaller by using aluminum glass door or using sliding curtain to open and close For example, to create a gate between the hall and the kitchen.

4. Adjust the air temperature not higher than 25 degrees So that the air conditioner doesn't work too hard To feel cool and not cold

5. Turn on the auxiliary fan Is another option that makes you feel cool faster Without having to accelerate the air conditioner to be extremely cold

6. Use equipment to increase air efficiency Of course, there are many electricity reduction devices in the market. Most scam Selling cheap for many years But not that no company can develop this technology Technology is closer than we think. Today, robot technology has made us unemployed. Therefore, the technology of energy-saving air conditioner equipment is not difficult. But users must look carefully to see if the device has real test results for saving or not If the price is not high, then can actually save Cool and comfortable Turn on the air conditioner, do not be afraid of expensive electricity bills.








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